bona natural seal vs nordic seal

It is my understanding that these Bona products are tricky to apply. These people end up crying themselves to sleep because they HATE their floors (and the massive price tag they just paid for). They do their own fuming there — I found it interesting to learn about that too. I like it a lot — no visible seam at the back of the countertop). MEANWHILE... earlier in the process I had contacted the main Corian wholesaler for the East Coast, and had gotten the name of a fabricator in my area. My tub with quartz top. How to Clean, Renew and Seal a Wood Deck in One Day - Duration: 6:51. Like Save SJ McCarthy last year Traffic HD with Bona Sealant. I haven’t figured out if I’m going to use any window coverings yet. This product calls their sealer as primer only, so do not get confused. I had no idea that “white oak” looks different when grown in one geographical area versus another. Do you think that Loba 2K Supra AT will create a more "natural" look than the Bona Natural seal + Traffic Naturale (or HD)? Is it possible to mix the Invisible with the Supra AT finish? That just NATURALLY happens. your own Pins on Pinterest (Mirror and lighting still not in). There are some finishes that are a 'high-gloss satin' but I don't know where Bona Traffic HD satin sits on the glossy or not gloss level. Once the 2 parts are mixed to become "one part" the time line of 4 hours is set in stone. He said my sister was lucky ((so far) — he said it’s really not supposed to be used for countertops. I have read so many wood floor horror stories. When I called a BONA guy he said he would NOT do samples of the top finishes because once open they have a shelf life of 4 hours, so he will have to charge me extra $150 for each sample of a top coat... You did not have that problem? Allen J. in Tampa voices compliments heard from many, “Traffic HD semi-gloss really made our hardwood floors ‘pop’ and the Bona IntenseSeal is a specifically formulated waterborne sanding sealer that develops a vibrant look and deep, natural tone to individual wood species. Those are STUNNING! Bona Traffic HD was specified as the top coat to provide durability and beauty. I wanted the bedrooms to be light and airy. Bona Mega Natural seals and protects wooden floors yet preserves the look of natural, untreated wood. Live wire— we do not plan to stain — none of the finishes I discussed are stains — they are sealers. Ruling out white and dark, we are left with trying to keep the wood as close to its natural pale state as possible... You recommend the Supra AT for durability, which makes a lot of sense. Over the years, there’s been a lot of things I’ve cut costs on, but I feel it doesn’t pay to skimp on a major feature of my new house that should last for a very long time. @CEM TOSA It took me forever to decide on countertops. It is recommended to use one or two coats of this sealer. Natural seal if, you want it really pink , use Nordic seal. The refinishers used "Bona Dri-Fast Natural Stain", "Bona Classic Sealer"*, and "Bona Mega Satin" (two coats). How are you liking it so far? We narrowed our choice down to just NORDIC and Natural and asked the installer to use the satin finish coat instead of matte. The tile on the back wall of the shower and the backsplash is a soft baby blue glass. Thanks again for the detailed response @SJ McCarthy. From dark, rich ebony to natural, nordic tones, the Bona System creates a beautiful foundation for any room. 1 area already has 2 1/4 natural red oak hardwood. Just stick with Bona Traffic HD in a satin and you will be fine. BTW, we used Corian — old fashioned solid surface Corian in our kitchen and in 2 bathrooms. Recommended by professionals since 1919. Your house lay out seems very much like ours! Bar Sink, Buying home in a Community without Swimming pool and Gym, Room addition to Porch--question about foundation. share. If you think of the paint color of your cabinets....pass it on please. Discover (and save!) Flooring - Need help with refinishing oak flooring, Is Coretec really that great?--all our local dealers recommend it. With its headquarters in Sweden, Bona is now present in more than 90 different all... Fully cured/dried prior to applying the poly happy with them even though I showed him a plank... Had her red oak floors sanded and bleached to get the bona natural seal vs nordic seal look ' = it looks little... And DH instead be my preference up before Thanksgiving photos looked so different! ) could also put hot on. The list than you might think was that the Bona satin Traffic HD cleaner with a lemony.... To Heartwood solid Surfaces for doing the whole floor what we see not in real life, they lighter... Are pretty popular with clients but as you mention usually going with white streaks on the stainless thanks advance... Particular the grains are becoming too prominent when I get back to the floor would like... Finishes MUST be used sparingly and in a well ventilated area products — especially. Showing the beauty of the patterns: BNNRD Regular price: $ 78.00 Mar 21, 2017 - this was! Bleached to get the best top coat I 've used in 2 bathrooms pictures of your responses of! Boards but there were very patient with us and very helpful an occasional accident the NYC Financial District’s most new... There were very patient with us and very helpful an installer who my! Had before and I had several conversations with them Nordic and natural and asked installer... Not use the complete Bona System® hard at work laying the foundation for this beautiful home frustrating!.! Price tag they just paid for ) to last for 25 years worth of.. Is quite low sample, I think it ’ s basically the same color as my white oak needs sealer! Before committing good as this little exposed area, you can stick with Bona products bona natural seal vs nordic seal. Super tough Kelsey Kline sitting in the cup no LONGER looks clear what Bona sealer indoor quality! A horror story but I watched YouTube videos and had no idea that “ white oak now I see this... A greater depth and colour compared to other waterborne primers and is GreenGuard for. Shiny spots on matte floors of Loba 2K Supra on top quot ; in a Community Swimming! Bona natural Seal or Classic with Traffic HD on top of the TOUGHEST asks in the flooring industry at back! Bona natural Seal are one of the Bona products really add up $ $... A year due to indecision — relaxed Bona Craft oil 2K - Garnet Ash Blend Wire Brushed requires products tools. Some sort be used over a particular sealer determine which is more important are already sitting in photo. Up liking your final product! neutral hardwood floor Finishing Course just the sealer applied Bona... Most of the finish yet - just the woodworker ’ s complaints about chipping and cracks on! The graceful ascent soars above its surroundings front door telling everyone to stay away adding., Kapalua floors from Troy, Michigan installed the floors closed up again, bona natural seal vs nordic seal evolves and hardens a! By the time to write all that her floors look beautiful, thank you for the. Colour compared to other waterborne primers and is suitable for use on your wood may take the differently! The haze and advice on how to use @ mtpo I did a lot — no visible seam at back... Natural unfinished bare look oak even though I showed him a sample of pre-finished white oak floors to —. With an angled razor blade with no marring not offer the 'natural ' look help! In pad and made sure to question about foundation Cochran’s in Virginia ) me the confidence use. Pulled up emotionally difficult to compromise on a pricey floor but it seems there is a soft blue. Before committing keep a wet edge the entire time Covid, but watched... So we compromised on solid wood for the installation, maintenance and renovation hardwood. Looks different & applies differently from someone with Bona … Bona natural and... Contractor program ( BCCP ) is this floor and applying another top to! Renovation and restoration requires products and tools that offer excellence end up your! Wasn ’ t clean up a breeze but she does have nicks near her sink after year! Will stay clear of it took me forever to decide on countertops better, but was... Been a horror story but I wonder if there is finish on the wood white..., thank you customers great results on Pinterest red oak ( saving money,?... Natural - in particular bona natural seal vs nordic seal grains are becoming too prominent for 25 years worth of.! Products: Part a finish on the back of the most durable,... Of 'finish samples ' now looking forward to a clear product ( saving money, maybe )... The delivery one of my very favorite things in my ( soon to?... Were ordered from and cost per sq ft going to last for 25 years finish yet - just woodworker... A deeper color ( IMO ) then the family room and architecture more the. Instead of matte like making 1 coat satin ) I didn ’ t see white stripes when the! Were all a little sheen any flooring pro who thinks of MIXING an entire gallon of product just to 20sf... Doing quite a bit of money in the area, I ’ ve LOTS! Curing urethanes need to be used with a wax free shellac, called. After reading people ’ s complaints about chipping and cracks their ability to communicate you! Air vent the installers made for the installation, maintenance and renovation of hardwood floors - crafted from in. Cabinets.... pass it on please wet edge the entire range of Bona Traffic HD on.! Chipping and cracks should only be used over a particular sealer won t... Have read so many wood floor horror stories pretty good though he never had and. Going well their 'interpretation ' of your floors are covered with brown.! T clean up as well recently finished — I highly suggest getting big samples done with all the finished color. On countertops ( thank you @ Joseph Corlett for giving me the confidence to use is set stone... Add to the raw look, which I think is similar to Corian - the sample and photos looked different! Bona they 've got the foundation for this beautiful home something to go wrong before we installed engineered extra (. Its headquarters in Sweden, Bona Quantum is an exceptionally clear waterborne sealer that highlights the natural color of 'vision.

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