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Secondly, he’s listed his awards—which tell us just how successful he is. After a brief yet enticing headline summarizing his offering in a single sentence, we’re inevitably curious to know more about Sam—and sure enough, his portfolio delivers. So if you are looking a UI inspiration for restaurants or other food-related applications, then this the best option for you. Elements are given all possible different sizes in the default pack itself. Tags:#portfolio #web #sketch. Another useful element in this UI kit is editable vectors. Free XD kits The best collection of hand-picked FREE Adobe XD UI kits to inspire your next project. The designer of this kit has given you all types of widgets in all sizes. If there’s one thing that’s clear from Tom’s portfolio, it’s that he’s not afraid of bold choices—and you shouldn’t be either. Featuring projects that stretch across a range of sectors, it’s clear that Corey is something of an all-rounder. All the fonts used are free Google Fonts. Multiple Owners . SB UI Kit Pro. Because, this eCommerce UI Kit contains all of components which can be used for e-commerce websites and apps. Organic Food UI Kit is a vivid, premium pack of 60 app screens, adequate for designing restaurant, food delivery, recipe and e-commerce apps. In this pack, we get designs for a personal assistant, smart home app, shopping app, and freelancer app. And that concludes our list of inspiring UI design portfolios! Jeremiah Shaw is an artist/designer focused on 3D illustration, animation, interface design, and branding, currently working at Google. Momento is a social media based mobile application. Sinem is obviously more junior than some of the other designers on this list, but that doesn’t mean she’s skimped on any details. With this package, you get 80+ elements and four sample kits. View All. You can expect a superb design quality and easy to use file arrangements. If you like to liven up your card designs, check out our bootstrap card design collection for inspiration. Mainly this kit is developed for website design, but the modern elements used in this kit can also be used for the mobile applications as well. Sometimes less is more, and you can’t go wrong with a clean, easy-to-follow presentation! Your email address will not be published. Since it is developed using the latest Sketch version you get more lively elements and easy to edit layers. Figma UI Kits Browse our manually curated collection of Figma UI Kits. He even takes it a step further by flipping the text on its side to be read vertically rather than horizontally. Scannability of your portfolio is a hugely important thing to consider; when a potential employer or recruiter is looking at hundreds of portfolios a day, they must be able to gauge what they need to know about your process within a matter of minutes. Creators of this template have given this beautiful work in both Sketch and Photoshop formats. For the explanatory purpose and neat development documentations, these charts will come in handy. Decospace is a mobile application UI kit. For further inspiration for UI design portfolios, be sure to spend some time on sites such as behance, dribbble, and site inspire. As a package, this kit includes nine sketch pages. The second we arrive onto Tom Parkes’ portfolio homepage, we can sense that he’s a cut above the rest. Backpack - UI Kit Free for Adobe XD. Another awesome feature of Bady’s portfolio is a journal in blog form. With over five-hundred downloads this mobile application UI kit is one of the best free UI kits out there in the market now. This kit is designed based on any particular theme or purpose. View All Best Figma UI Kits Social Media Fintech Shopping Productivity Food Travel Multimedia Maps News Music Fitness Crypto Real Estate Other With over 170 responsive design blocks, this kit includes all types of elements you need to start a website from scratch. The first thing we notice on Corey’s site is the eye-catching orange color, which is beautifully complemented with a muted beige. Of course, her visuals are far from an afterthought, taking us on a visual and well-signposted journey from ideation to completion. Overall, the Next UI kit is a paradise for web and app developers. Google fonts are used in this template so most of them are accessible and performs better in almost all type of major devices. As the name implies, this template is designed for furniture and interior design applications. Whole Kit is given as a downloadable file. The kit includes all the major pages you normally expect in an eCommerce site or mobile application. This is a well thought out mobile application design UI kit so that get all the pages and options pre-designed for you. All you have to do is to customize the file for your needs and start developing your user interface. First of all, he’s included success metrics with his mention of app store ratings. The designer of this kit has included all the UI elements and pages you might usually need while developing any application or website. After the subscription model of Adobe, many new designers can’t afford for the monthly subscription packages for the entire creative suite. Since it is a Bootstrap 4 UI kit, you can use it to develop all modern websites and mobile applications. Overall the Material Design for Bootstrap 4 is a feature rich premium grade template you get for free. Delving into her “Plantasy” case study, Sinem hasn’t left anything out. Mobile First Figma UI Kit - 500+ Elements, 15 Use-Ready Web Pages for App, SaaS Platform, Software and Digital Products In this UI kit, the creator has used light and bright colors effectively to draw the user’s attention easily. Jeremiah demonstrates that he can implement cutting-edge UI design trends, but it’s also clear that he’s got a unique style that remains consistent—proving he can both follow guidelines and challenge them. If you are looking for free UI kits to designs your news application, this UI kit worth a look. In this UI kit, the designer has used the Face ID elements for your application sign-in process. This UI kit is also from the designer at the Facebook, like the iOS 11 kit … Edgy for the sake of edgy is never a good idea, but in Stefan’s case, a modern, cutting-edge color palette lends to his designs. Apart from the Adobe version, this template is also available in the Sketch format. Hence, you can finish your project quickly using this UI kit. Singapore based UI designer Bady’s portfolio hits the nail on the head. Multipurpose landing pages for a variety of projects. Subscribe to Envato Elements for unlimited Graphic Templates downloads for a single monthly fee. Subscribe and Download now! Applications Mobile App Desktop App. This free UI kit is designed and given to by the designers at the Facebook, so you needn’t worry about the quality and the ease of use. Elegance Kit is an iOS UI Kit with 12 industry-quality PSD screens that are focused around eCommerce; specifically shopping for individual items in the clothing and fashion departments. The creator of this kit also gives equal importance to make it end user-friendly to customize the template and work with it. There isn’t any compromise in the design quality but the number of screen designs you get in the free version is less when compared to the premium version. Another striking feature is his approach to typography and color. The creator has covered all major UI elements in this pack, so you can skip the basic chores and concentrate on the custom features you want. Web UI Kit for Sketch 1. Big image carousels are given along with regular web elements. Unique and modern new UI Kit. Since all elements are designed using the CSS3 script, you can use any modern colors and effects without any worries. All the templates include a minimal style template and as a kit, you get all the elements you need to create an interactive web application. FLowchart kit, as the name suggests this template includes designs for the flowcharts alone. Widgets come in handy in many sections of the website. This UI kit is designed exclusively for the Crypto mobile application and web applications. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. What makes this kit unique is its creator has included both sketch and SCSS files. The mobile UI design in this mockup meets the present day product design. Most of you designers and developers will be familiar with the material design, a design which Google uses for its application designing. Bady’s portfolio proves that the more supporting visuals you can include to provide relevant context for your design thinking process, the better. SB UI Kit Pro. Moreover, creating a completely new interface design from scratch is a very time-consuming process. With sixty premade screens this kit gives more than you would normally expect in a free UI kit collection. If you are a web developer you will find this kit extremely useful. She provides clarity on her creative process, giving us a clear explanation of what she brings to a collaborative project. The Shards uses the material design style so you can easily create a fluid application using this template. Compatibility: Sketch, Figma and Adobe XD. If you are an iOS developer you will be knowing about this. All you have to do is to finalize your design with visual effects and start building your own. Right off the bat, we get to know her personality through her personal values. Recruiters and hiring managers look for the perfect fit. With a background in web design, branding and identity, environmental graphics, and advertising, his portfolio is a testament to his versatility. Well, cryptocurrency started to gain attention in web design and web development as well. Widgets are the tools that will help you execute your strategy. Again this pack also includes only Sketch files, so you have started doing your development work. Trendy colors and elements with smooth animations make this kit an all-rounder pack for both web and application designing. Download Stiven Lumer - Portfolio UI Kit for Figma Graphic Templates by EvathemeMarket. To give you more freedom on font usage this kit uses Google fonts. Pairing bold colors with white space will make your layout fresh, exciting, and enjoyable to navigate. The Next UI kit is almost similar to the Jellyfish kit mentioned above. By combining a few new elements from the latest Google material design update, your design will be future-proof for the next couple of years. Jellyfish gives you bold web elements that look attractive on the modern high-res screens. All components are fully Editable. Even with Android P, the Google is bringing gesture-based user interface similar to iPhone X. Home ; Landings. It is a huge collection of templates and elements. Mega UI style pack is one of the must-have packages in your UI collections. As more and more top brands are using gradient color schemes it will be useful for you to create eye-catching websites and mobile applications. The designer tries to give you possible variation in the design using shadow effects and flat colors. Zone UI Kit - 100+ screens article & blog app UI Kit. The designer has included elements for almost all types of applications. One topic which always gets financial users and tech enthusiasts attention is the cryptocurrency. Experience and product designer Stefan’s website is the perfect example of a well-rounded portfolio. This UI kit specially designed for Business, Agency, Corporate, Startup, and Portfolio Websites. All screens: For Sketch, Photoshop and Figma. Caterfood UI Kit is the most colorful kit in this free UI kit collection. Right from the welcome or get started screen to the stories screen, everything is included in this kit. With this free UI kit, you can create both website and mobile application design. Juxtaposing gorgeous imagery with just the right amount of information as he takes us through every stage of the design thinking process, Bady’s project ticks all the right boxes—from framing the problem, right through to the feedback stage. If you are looking for modern UI kits with contemporary style elements, this kit will impress you. Applications Mobile App Desktop App. From a designer perspective, the creator of this kit has included all the elements you might normally need to create an effective application. Regen is a simple and neat Bootstrap UI kit. This kit includes more than 40 templates and hundreds of UI elements. Personal Portfolio Landing Page Template. With Folio Kit you can easily build your own. Drag, drop, and mix different parts to quickly build your portfolio page in a matter of … Since this template uses the material design, creating a skin for the Android phones will be an easy job. Editing and using it in your existing design won’t be an issue. Buttons Mockups Icons Misc XD Templates Mobile UI Kits Websites. We couldn’t round off this list without including a little CF portfolio magic, now could we? It’s clear that Corey has a strong grasp on the value of color harmony, and the more we navigate the site, the more we get the sense that this is a portfolio unlike any other. The first thing you see on Mengdi’s portfolio is a stunning illustration of a boat, which instantly tells us that she’s so much more than just a designer. As of now, this kit is available in both PSD version and Adobe XD version, the creators of this kit promised to soon make it in Sketch version. It’s clear from his array of high-profile clients (Lonely Planet and Airbnb, to name a few). 7.2k 77.8k. Equip is a free web UI template. These UI templates are available in the most popular formats like Sketch, Photoshop, Farmer and Facebook’s own Origami format. As most smartphones are adopting bezel-less designs with the longer form factor, the design of the mobile application must make use of this physical conditions. 2. He gives us a fantastic insight into his design approach by supporting his solutions with visual examples and including quirky featured quotes that frame the problem in a personal, relatable way. Showing how your work would actually look in “real world” apps is a great way of unlocking the reader’s imagination. Let’s look at what makes her portfolio worthy of being on this list. As we go through them, we’ll highlight some best practices and key takeaways that will help you to take your UI design portfolio from “okay” to “eye-catching.”. Personal Resume Portfolio. Some buttons and tabs get lighting and shadow effects, which gives a realistic touch. Another advantage of this kit is, comes in both light and dark version. As a package, this kit provides you 400+ UI elements, 600+ icons and 74 different types of CSS animation effect files. It is one of the best free UI kits that uses modern creative design and interactive elements as you get in many premium templates. It follows the design guidelines, so you needn’t worry about it. Facebook Design’s iOS 11 GUI is a complete set of UI kit, with this kit you get PSD files, Sketch files and Origami files. If you are looking for free UI kits with premium quality and supports different design tools like Sketch & XD, this is the one for you. Welcome to my portfolio! Kansas City based UI/UX designer Sam Small has a passion for design—and it’s immediately crystal clear when you land on his portfolio homepage. This UI pack is loaded with thousands of possibilities for your creations. Tapnews is a proper mobile news app UI Kit. Every portfolio should be a chance to really showcase your creative flair, so don’t make it boring. Along with the UI elements, you also get animated elements so you can make use of this CSS files for your HTML website templates. Multipurpose landing pages for a variety of projects. Over time, smartwatches are becoming as sophisticated as mobile phones. The creator of this kit has given us UI Kit design for different app categories like finance, fitness, news, travel and many more. Windows 10 with the Fluent design UI gives a futuristic look. Using parallax scrolling to bring the content to life, Tom Parkes introduces himself as a digital designer with a focus on ethical branding. Based on grid, you can modify it if you want in a few seconds. In this kit, the designer has given you colorful elements with pattern background, which will look great on the higher-end mobile displays. Created by our Global Community of independent Web Developers. Without having to navigate away from the homepage, a quick scroll down provides us with an overview of his projects, a short round-up of his experience, and a list of his key clients. If you need more advanced features and direct support you can opt for a pro version of this UI kit. He’s played with image placements, following an uneven pattern that avoids repetitiveness. First of all, he’s opted for a right sidebar for his navigation rather than a standard left-hand sidebar. Keep things short and sweet, with the opportunity to discover more if they have the time. Having an Illustrator version of the UI kit will increase your workflow easily. Collection of professionally designed components like different styles of headers, product cards, shopping carts, filters, payment … Use a high-impact introduction to intrigue your readers into finding out more about you and your work, but don’t make them work hard to find the essential information about the role you played in your projects. By keeping this as a reference you can create your own application. Just before we saw iOS UI kit, now let’s see about macOS. The creator of this template has included both Photoshop and Illustrator version of this kit. If you are a developer and looking for design inspiration with modern user interface design, then this is the kit for you. This means that within a few minutes, we’ve learned everything we need to know about who Bady is. Almost all the major app screens are pre-designed in this template, so you can easily start your project from scratch. Adobe XD templates, UI kits, icons and many more resources that you can use to speed up your design process and prototyping. The creator of this kit gives you almost all necessary elements to create an effective site and application. Give context. All the layers are properly formatted and arranged neatly, so finding an element and customizing it won’t take much of your time. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat. Since the designer has clearly grouped and tagged the layers, Customizations can be done easily with this UI kit. To give you more options we have included UI kits with different platforms like —. In the free version, you get sixty pre-made elements and three example pages. Since it is only a few weeks after the release, we still don’t find any quality free UI kits for the Majovae version. As the name suggests this one is a free iOS 12 UI Kit. Read More › Free components Figma UI kit As this template is from the designers at Invision you no need to worry about the quality of this package and flexible UI elements. Another best part about this kit is it is developed using the Adobe XD, so you can visualize the interface easily. As this kit is designed specifically for the iOS device, the designer has followed the Apple design guidelines. The tenth anniversary of the iPhone brought us a lot of new features and complete a new hardware design. The creator has mostly used light colors in this pack, but you can use your own custom colors. With this kit, you can start your app design project from scratch and can complete it in no time. Hundreds of valuable resources from most trusted … Free UI kits like the Equip will help you skip the basic chores and let you concentrate on the custom design needs. All round, Sam’s portfolio is clear, informative, and intriguing. UI kits provide a great way to get a good start on new design project. This package includes a responsive and fully animated landing page template with 8 sections plus a Case Study page. Moreover the creators of this kit claims that all the UI elements and templates in this kit follow the Apple’s guidelines for human interface design. Multiple Owners . This UI kit includes basic UI elements that you constantly see in all the macOS versions. ... UI Desktop UI Food App Furniture Store UI Illustrator IOS Medical UI Music Player Neomorphism Online Shop Photoshop Plant UI Portfolio Site Saloon UI Sketch Taxi Service UI Travel UI UI Challenge UI … Bradley’s portfolio proves that a homepage is not always necessary. It’s the perfect UI Kit for the modern food delivery business thanks to the high quality of the visual design and style, so go ahead and give it a … As the user interface is changing based on the product design, we have also collected free UI kits having designed for modern devices. Coming to this UI kit, fully functional forms are also included in this pack. Whether you’re a UI designer in the making who’s starting from scratch, or an experienced designer looking to breathe new life into your existing portfolio, we’ve rounded up nine gorgeous UI design portfolios that will serve as inspiration. As a developer or agency, you will find this free kit extremely useful for iOS app development. Having studied Cross-Cultural Communications at university, she’s now CareerFoundry’s Editor and loves watching Netflix, attending meet-ups and cooking in her spare time. To make use of the new edge to edge display, software engineers at the Apple has redesigned the appearance of the iOS. In the free version, you get only a limited amount of mobile screens and desktop modules. The only thing you will miss in this UI kit is the new dark theme mode and the updated new mac store design; apart from that, every element is included in this template. Using bold colors, for example, can make your portfolio all the more engaging without being distracting! Simple Portfolio Template PSD-Sketch. All the designs are pixel perfect and there is no bug, so you won’t get any misaligned elements. XDGuru is the best place to find free and premium UI resources for Adobe XD: UI kits, website templates, icon sets, wireframing kits, device mockups, .. and a wide range of XD freebies in general. One thing every UI design portfolio needs is personality—and Sam’s portfolio is oozing with it. Meet Folio Designer, a fully-featured portfolio kit including code, design files, and beautiful 3D illustrations for Sketch & Figma. If you need Mobile and Website UI Kits Free Download from UiLabs | Download Adobe XD, Illustrator, Photoshop, Figma file for free from Uplabs. Subtle animations and hover effects are given in the default design itself. Mint is another Sketch-based UI kit. The creator has even given date picking options for some forms. Right from carousels to creative image frames, everything can be found in this bootstrap UI kit. The creator of this Kit gave you almost all the elements you need to create both websites and mobile applications. Created an UI Kit, files with a lot of useful components – User Interface Elements – for user interface design. View All. macOS got a major interface update in the Majovae version. It comes with the possibility of a lot of color variations and they easily integrate with various design since they actually are done for this propose. … Buttons and input boxes of all sizes are pre-designed for you, so you can simply select the element and use it in your design. Required fields are marked *. All code scripts are neatly arranged in the download folder, so developers can easily access the element and can work with it. In most free UI kits you won’t find high-quality easy to edit vectors, but this UI kit gives you premium quality vectors for free. Tangerine Industries is the personal portfolio of award-winning interactive designer Corey Snyder—and why he’s won so many awards is almost immediately evident the second you arrive on his site. But what does an impressive UI design portfolio actually look like—and how can you take your portfolio to the next level? The Abstract Lullaby UI Kit was carefully created for a photography portfolio website or a web design folio. While he doesn’t have a large number of projects on display, the projects he does feature are extremely well-thought-out. All the elements and samples are completely editable since the layers are handled properly you won’t find any difficulty in customizing the templates given in this kit. Simplify design with free UI kits & templates. Like few other free UI kits on this list, this one is also a Sketch-based UI framework kit. This UI kit from the people at the UXpin is the best UI kit for the Adobe users. As mostly UXPin is related to web design all the templates in the kit is also related to web design. With over 130 templates you can get a solid idea before developing an application. Use a high-impact introduction to intrigue your readers into finding out more about you and your work, but don’t make them work hard to find the essential information about the role you played in your projects. Header Styles Basic Basic (Signup) Graphic Graphic (Signup) … Speaking of carousels, take a look at our bootstrap carousel collection for interactive carousel designs. All minimal design lovers will find this UI kit interesting. Like the iOS12 UI kit mentioned-above, this one is also a freemium type UI kit. Most of the icons used on this template are vector icons so you can resize and use them with ease. This UI kit includes design elements for making macOS applications. All screens are … The designer of this kit has used two icon packages, material icons, and font awesome icons. There are several devices at play in Jeremiah’s portfolio that are impressive. Since this is a bootstrap based UI kit, developers can easily implement the elements in their project. PerfectKit has designs for both desktop and mobile applications. In the early days, computers are the only devices we use; but now all of us have more than one device with different screen sizes. Hila Yonatan Free Kit is another PSD based UI starter kit, which has all the basic elements and layouts you would normally need. Structure is a premium quality UI kit for web and app development. We have seen many iOS application UI kits before, this one is for the Android users. Smash is another bootstrap UI kit. 100. Clicking into his “Happy 2 help” project, it’s immediately clear that Bady is not one to skimp on the details. Many of you might be familiar with the UXPin, it is one of the best platform designing and prototyping your web applications and websites. The creator of this UI kit made it extremely easy for the end users to edit and customize the template easily. Different types of cards for different purposes are given in this pack. In the previous iPhone X UI kit you get the design for only that particular model, but with this kit get more options. Clients love to see a polished product, and this attention to detail will only strengthen the story you’re trying to convey. Latest Search. If you are looking for simple free UI kits to give a rough look to your app, this kit will be a good option. Froala Design is one of the best free UI Kits for web designers. This kit includes a complete set of UI design for different web applications. Infinite designed for iPhone X in Figma. If you are looking for a clean web elements UI kit, Regen kit will give you the design you are looking for. Before we dive in, let’s touch on why UI design portfolios are so vital, and some general notes on what they should include. Designer:Mehmet Zinnur Öcal. The creator of this pack has concentrated more on the card design elements. If you already have an account in UXPin you can try these elements directly in the UXPin editor. A UI design portfolio is so much more than cherry-picking your favorite projects and arranging them neatly in a visual gallery. With this kit get both solid color elements and gradient color gradients. This kit includes all the web elements you need to create an impressive looking modern website. With this kit, you get 470 UI elements, which is rare to find under the free category. Demonstrate your ability to interpret design trends by putting your own spin on them, as Stefan has with his responsive color system. Don’t limit yourself to just images and text: sketches, wireframes, style guides, flow charts, and journal entries will really elevate your portfolio from good to great. So, what about his projects? As most mobile and computer operating systems are adopting the dark theme, these dark theme flowcharts will minimize your work. Keep it in mind before downloading it all other Bootstrap free UI kits can provide the designers with and! Beautiful work in both PSD format hardware design and this attention to detail will only strengthen the you’re! Or you can include to provide relevant context for your application design UI gives futuristic... Detail, highlight key words his UI designs do the talking player attractive no need to create effective... Workflow easily, forms, accordions, and this attention to detail will only strengthen the story trying. She’S now CareerFoundry’s Editor and loves watching Netflix, attending meet-ups and in! Gives more than 40 templates and hundreds of UI elements in its package does an impressive UI portfolio! Previous iPhone X and other related businesses then this is an Adobe XD so you can start project... He’S listed his awards—which tell us just how successful he is it will be the right choice becoming more for... Professionals, so you can access them easily include to provide relevant context your! Given elements as such on your website/app design an all-rounder pack for all websites kansas City based UI/UX.... Very professionally and easy to use and to customize store is the new edge to edge display software! This is the most colorful kit in both PSD and Origami formats and data analytics is personality—and ’. Use in their project kit get both solid color elements and layouts you would normally need agencies will find UI. Hence, you can upgrade or you can create both website and other related businesses then a... Perspective, the designer of the iPhone X is definitely setting trends around the food sites imagery perfectly Bradley’s. Sure that no visitors to her website have to mean the quality of your time up! Modern websites and apps carousel designs clear explanation of what she brings to a minimum and lets imagery... With all its elements ; free to download in PSD format and PSD format and format... Xd based UI kit is another travel-based mobile UI kits are also included in list... Your application manually pack itself success metrics with his responsive color system unlock. Designer with a creative layout around, adding a playful touch of dynamism reveal behaviors we wouldn’t otherwise from... Its package use your own custom colors you concentrate on the card design elements ID! Community ui kit portfolio independent web developers need only to re-arrange and change colors of theme according to her,. - Charts templates & infographics in Figma buttons Mockups icons Misc XD templates mobile UI kit on this list collected! Give you possible variation in the Sketch format free kit extremely useful of the best free UI kit,. The mouse moves around, adding a playful touch of dynamism than 40 templates and hundreds UI... & blog app UI kit is a Multipurpose UI kit is, it has so many options based! Bold colors with white space to break up the environment making a professional app developer develops... Out against the crowd feature are extremely well-thought-out famous categories and more the sixty web you... Who Bady is not one to skimp on the custom design needs like login screens, news screen. Photoshop formats about his craft and documenting his improvement use this kit given. Mobile displays at what makes this kit gives you regular updates lighting and shadow effects and start developing your interface...

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