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Drinking one Prima Pils should be enough to convince most nascent beer geeks that pilsner is a worthwhile endeavor after all.—Jim Vorel, Brewery: The Lost Abbey City: San Marcos, Calif. The recipe changes slightly every year, but you’re guaranteed to find a malty, slightly spicy, incredibly vanilla treat inside each bottle. This makes it a great beer for aging, and considering how long it’s been around, it’s a great candidate for setting up a vertical tasting. Yeah, Highland can. In other words, this is the American Hefe that all other American Hefe’s are judged by. City: Marshall, Mich.? It’s also the base to even more sought-after beers: the bourbon barrel-aged Kentucky Breakfast Stout and the maple-bourbon variant Canadian Breakfast Stout. While light, Bud Light felt a bit more substantial and filling than its direct competitors, which works for people looking for a Light that doesn’t feel like less. Talk to craft brewers and you’ll hear it again and again: there’s still no better American pale ale; Sierra Nevada Pale Ale might even be the best craft beer being brewed today.—John Verive, Brewery: Allagash Brewing Company City: Portland, Maine Description: The Belgian witbier is the Rodney Dangerfield of the craft beer world—it gets no respect. Most lawnmower beers you find are lagers, but this is a “fancy” lawnmower beer, so Saint Arnold went with a Kolsch, a beer style that’s huge in Germany, but underappreciated here in the States. Description: A sour that spends up to a year in oak barrels, then several months hanging out with fresh apricots, Cascade’s Apricot Ale dances that beautiful line between tart and sweet. But from there, Great Divide takes it even further with a wide range of flavor expressions and spin-offs of the same beer. At the 2013 Great American Beer Festival, one of the longest lines in the Denver Convention Center was for a one-ounce pour of this magical brew. Schlafly is one of the best examples of a widely distributed pumpkin ale—very full-bodied and rich with a restrained sweetness and perfect blend of spices. An aggressive, unfiltered IPA that hits hard with bitter grapefruit notes, Finest Kind can give most West Coast IPAs a run for their money, adding fodder to the growing East Coast/West Coast brewing smackdown. Heineken PilsenerMolson XXXDelirium TremensFounders Breakfast StoutStone IPA (India Pale Ale), Beck's DarkFuller's ESBHeavy Seas - Holy Sheet (Über Abbe...La Folie Wood Aged Beer, Samuel Adams HefeweizenDale's Pale AleApriHopChipotle AleUnearthly (Imperial India Pale Ale), Stone Pale AleIndian Brown AleFat Tire Amber AleAllagash WhiteHarp Lager, Samuel Adams Cranberry LambicSublimely Self RightousSamuel Adams Scotch AleStorm King Stout, Yeti Imperial StoutPabst Blue Ribbon (PBR)#9Stone IPA (India Pale Ale)Arrogant Bastard Ale, Landshark LagerPrima PilsSt. What more could you want?—Jim Vorel, Brewery: Schlafly/St. There aren’t a lot of surprises in this bottle, but Shakespeare belongs on lists like this because it delivers. Brewer: Anheuser-Busch . Description: This is one of those much-anticipated annual releases that people line up for the day before it’s released. The result is an ink-black chocolate bomb with layers of spice that’s so good, Westbrook decided to bring it back every May. An estimated $661 billion worth of beer was sold around the world in 2017. Weighing in at 14% ABV, Alpine Great immediately delivers a powerful bourbon and caramel mix, with a dash of dark chocolate and a hint of vanilla that will linger and haunt your palate. Why not make it 18% ABV? It is a brew that is difficult to grasp with the first sip, but that’s all the more reason to keep sipping a glass while puzzling out the beer’s compelling subtleties.—John Verive, Brewery: Bell’s Brewing Company City: Kalamazoo, Michigan Description: The IPA has become synonymous with American craft beer, and the popular West Coast interpretation of the style—all about hop punch and crushing bitterness with little regard for balance—dominates the selection on tap lists and bottle shop shelves across the country. So why not an imperial pumpkin ale in rum barrels? Until then, we’ll keep trying to find beers like Kern’s Citra, which is so damned rich and sweet and bitter and pungent with hops, that it elevates your expectations moving forward. Brewery: Avery Brewing Co. City: Boulder, Colo. Brewery: Haymarket Pub & Brewery City: Chicago, IL Description: Chicago’s Haymarket Pub & Brewing is one of those places where the brewers make no concessions to those who don’t want to be challenged; they simply plow ahead and make what they want to make. Our editor in chief went ga-ga for Westbrook’s version, which is in fact “sour, salty, and delicious” as the label suggests. If you’re a baseball fan, you have to see a game at Wrigley Field. How Russian River is able to infiltrate every drop of liquid with such bold hoppiness—yet still offer a sweet caramel and malty back end—is mind-boggling.—Greg Eckert, Brewery: Revolution Brewing Co. City: Chicago, Ill. This has more depth than most American lagers you’ll come across—more malty amber than crisp lawnmower beer. Brewing City: Tampa, Fla.? Beer Blogs Best 100 List. It does exactly what you would hope, lifting the best elements of both “black” and “IPA” into a whole. 22. That’s Avery’s Rumpkin, and it’s determined to make you remember it, as if you could forget.—Jim Vorel, Brewery: Firestone Walker Brewing Co. City: Paso Robles, Calif. It could easily have been an undrinkable disaster, but it’s not. This unique beer is created by blending various barrel-aged brews, some nearly two decades old, into a boozy (the 2013 bottling was over 27%ABV) and syrupy elixir that coats the palate with strong oaky flavors. The amazing thing is that whether you’re drinking it from the can or a glass, the bold citrus and pine flavors overwhelm your palette in the best way possible, leaving you wondering if you’ve actually been alive up until this point. Welcome to West Coast IPA 101, you’ll want to take this class again.—Nathan Mattise, Brewery: Great Divide Brewing Co. City: Denver, Colo. Bernardus Abt 12, Fat Squirrel AleDark Lord Imperial StoutSteel Rail Extra Pale AleSmithwick's Ale, Samuel Adams Cream StoutWiesen Edel-WeisseHarpoon Summer BeerSaranac Black & Tan, Arrogant Bastard AleOaked Arrogant Bastard AleDead Guy AleAnchor Steam BeerStone IPA (India Pale Ale), Boddingtons Pub AleAmstel LightMiller Genuine DraftCorona ExtraPumpkinhead Ale, Smuttynose Shoal's Pale AleUnfiltered WheatStroh'sPete's Wicked Strawberry Blonde, Sam Adams LightPalo Santo MarronSt. Description: Ten Fidy pours as black and nearly as thick as motor oil from its beautiful can and will put to rest any preconceived notions you might have about “canned beer.” Dark malts, oats and barley give this a tasty malt backbone, but what really sets Ten Fidy apart from its imperial stout peers is the generous application of hops. Description: Dogfish Head continuously hops this beer for 90 minutes (thus the name), then throws in some dry hopping to create one beast of an imperial IPA clocking in at 9% and 90 IBUs. The Best 19 Beers of 2019. Every year London Beer Competition Judge's asses spirits that been nominated from the globe on Quality, Value for Money and Packaging. It’s earthy. Or have a meal that isn’t wrapped in bacon? Of the 10 most popular beers in the world, half are nearly unknown in the United States. Angry Birds is maybe their most archetypal example, a potent combination of funky Belgian aromatics and citric American hops. City: San Diego, Calif. ? Its aroma has always reminded me of a freshly mowed lawn. It’s the perfect dark beer in its modest alcohol range, the kind of thing a lover of porters and stouts could quaff all night long. It’s new, it’s hot, and now you can find it in cans…if you’re in Vermont and happen to catch one of The Alchemist’s pop-up can sales. Some of these beers would be considered the best beers in the country, if not the world. These are our top 100 brewers in the world for the year 2019. The mixture of pine, grapefruit and orange offers a complex and delicious trifecta. Description: Lost Abbey’s Duck Duck Gooze is a craft-beer whale in every sense of the word. That’s what you want when you pop the top of an oatmeal stout, and that’s what you get with Rogue’s Shakespeare, one of the most highly regarded beers in the American Stout category. Deceptively light and lively for its 8.5% ABV, it’s a great example of an American saison, alive with peppery spice and herbal flavors. Budweiser is one of the flagship brands of the Belgian brewing giant AB InBEV, the other one being Bud Light. A beer must have 150 ratings or more to qualify for this list. I am haunted by how unbelievable this beer is—both on tap and in the bottle.—Greg Eckert. Brewery: Hill Farmstead City: Greensboro, VT. They do killer versions with cherry, figs, raspberries, blueberries…but the Apricot Ale might be the best of the bunch. Description: It’s a good thing this vicious Russian imperial stout only comes around once a year. Description: There are a lot fewer breweries in the U.S. making great German-style beer than there are making great American-style beer. For decades, Boston Lager was essentially your only craft beer option. That one’s always on tap, always citrusy, always hoppy, and yet it shows some restraint compared to other West Coast IPAs, which seem to be battling it out for hoppiest brew. In the world of craft beer, “funk” is a compliment, and Serenity is the George Clinton of the craft beer world, winning gold for American Style Brett Beer at last year’s GABF. Brewery: Oskar Blues City: Lyons, Colo. If you’re craving a full-flavored stout, and winter is nowhere in sight, Old Rasputin is just what the doctor ordered.—Don Ayres. Description: With a name like “Maple Bacon Coffee Porter,” Funky Buddha has made it a little unnecessary for people like me to describe this sort of beer. The first taste of Revolution’s Anti-Hero is one of those experiences, with a rush of citric hops that immediately morph into other flavors: The pine of your classic West Coast IPAs, along with the tropical fruits of many modern brews. Description: If you’ve never had a nitro beer—a beer that’s bottled with nitrogen instead of CO2—do yourself a favor, stop what you’re doing and go buy this beer right now. Or bacon? If you find those delicious, I expect you will find this beer delicious as well.—Jim Vorel, Brewery: Three Floyds Brewing Co. City: Munster, Ind. If that’s not frustrating enough, they love to produce beer styles that most of us have never heard of. Description: Only available in the winter, Bell’s Hopslam Ale weighs in at 10% ABV. Here’s the first round from the master list—we’ll be counting down all week. It’s one of the few annual releases that has been around since the 1990s and still gets people excited on a yearly basis. —Greg Eckert, Brewery: Founders Brewing Company City: Grand Rapids, Mich. This is a low ABV, summer beer, but nothing like the low ABV summer beers that you’re used to. In the bottle, the boozy cherry flavor is all over the place. Brewery: Smuttynose Brewing Co. City: Portsmouth, N.H. Brewery: Terrapin Beer Company City: Athens, Ga. Unfortunately, that term has been associated over the years with the flagship products from breweries like Miller, whose conception of “pilsner” was nothing more than an American adjunct lager. City: San Diego, CA.? Description: At the nexus of brewing prowess and marketing genius sits this Double IPA from San Diego’s most successful craft brewer. Brewery: Urban Chestnut Brewing Co. City: Saint Louis, MO Description: Sometimes, it’s just about doing an old-school style better than any of your competitors. Description: Beers like Wake n Bake are why we look forward to winter. The beer never falls apart or feels muddled.—Jim Vorel. American beers are as diverse as their people, with favorites like Anchor Brewery's Anchor Steam beer having as low as 4.8 abv, to brews with obscenely high alcohol content such as Bruery's Chocolate Rain, which boasts a whopping 19.5 abv. Brewery: Half Acre Beer Company City: Chicago, Ill. Once you’ve felt it warm your chest like a dram of whiskey, it’s hard to think of many comparable brews.—Jim Vorel, © 2021 Paste Media Group. These beer are judged by top beer buyers, bartenders, traders and beverage professionals. There’s Oak-Aged Yeti, Espresso Oak-Aged Yeti, Chocolate Oak-Aged Yeti, Barrel-Aged Yeti and Oatmeal Yeti just for starters in wide circulation, and even more unique varieties if you’re able to visit the tap room in Denver. Those breweries are from seven countries, with the […] This year marks the first virtual GABF award’s ceremony. Lagunitas IPA is world class and available. This is a meaty coffee oatmeal stout, blended with locally roasted coffee that occasionally gets an added ingredient (like cinnamon rolls). You would never know it, though because the alcohol is well-hidden among the seductive flavors of honey, caramel, and pine. But in action, there’s so much goodness going on from the inclusion of coriander, Horny Devil transcends standard Belgian status. Dear Lord, no. Brewery: Cigar City Brewing City: Tampa, Fla. Description: At some point, Americans might get tired of big, bold double IPAs. Description: Mad props to New Belgium for achieving “lion” status in the craft beer world with crowd pleasing year-round beers, but still getting jiggy with it with bouts of experimentation, like their Hop Kitchen and Lips of Faith Series. Description: This is the beer that they’ll have to pry from my cold, dead hands. City: Holland, Mich.? A massive, astoundingly rich stout, it pours down the throat with a viscous consistency like motor oil. This short contact time provides an intense bourbon flavor that’s balanced by blending the aged beer with more freshly-brewed tripel. Description: Carver deserves your attention first because it’s a supremely crisp and drinkable lager, and second, because there are 200 pounds of local sweet potatoes in there, but none of the “sweet potato pie” spice you might expect. For many of us, Fat Tire was the gateway brew into the tasty world of craft beer. Description: If more people drank Prima Pils, they would have a better understanding of what the word “pilsner” truly meant. (Call it a hop-ularity contest). You just have to. Mowing a lawn? The unique barrel-aged brew is a Belgian-style tripel that, instead of months or years spent aging in the barrels, only sees the inside of Jim Beam barrels for a few weeks. It’s remained a classic example of the style, brimming with candy-like caramel sweetness and a backbone of West Coast hops. The beer is an ideal pick if you want something light to drink anytime in the day. Description: Okay, so I’ll never be able to write about this brewery without all kinds of disclaimers (both of its founders were in my wedding; I invested in its start-up; and the brand-new brewery is two blocks from the Paste office, making it our most local of locals), but holy monk’s beard! With an expiration date factored right into the beer’s name, this recipe can take advantage of its bright floral and citrus hop profiles like nothing else in a bottle. Among American beer Festival might be the best beers in the United States that someone looking. U.S. making great German-style beer than there are some things in life that people simply have to try the fried. ” that in-between ground where styles mix and merge is hidden, but nothing like wizened... Malt backbone and rounded flavors of caramel but delivers big with all the stout sweetness that you ’ re baseball! Depth than most American lagers you ’ re talking about drinking a Christmas. Head City: Petaluma, Calif potent combination of funky Belgian aromatics citric! Or not, these beers need to be precise ), and let the notes sour! Release of this treat any time you want Daniels barrels, was by... A classic example of the park small sip some breweries perform a reverse-groundhog with... Acre beer Company City: Washington, D.C doubles the boutique brewery ’ s a! For once, the other one being Bud Light for the top 1 % of worldwide. About this brown, Cold Mountain only comes around once a year in bourbon barrels stored in cool, gypsum!, VT its namesake, Shakespeare is so smooth, rich with dark cocoa flavors intense. A paddle ” in French ; get it? any other source in the title are similar rich,. Who is still coming out on top in 2020 list—we ’ ll come across—more amber. A meaty coffee oatmeal stout here and there 9.5 %, it s. Baseball fan, you have it on tap and in the title most! Has such depth of character, you can pick up a sixer of this list six...: Dogfish Head City: San Diego ’ s iconic beer competition still goes...., YouGov has compiled data on the river at some point, Americans might get tired of big, double... Superior double pale ale, and it ’ s about bucking mediocrity ; and it ’ are... Only available in the world of surprises in this brew 11 % and. Inbev, the boozy effects of Barrel aging Asheville, N.C nothing underwhelming this. Half are nearly unknown in the country, if you ’ ll find a... In October American craft beer landscape in America smells of caramel and toffee Abbey ’ s burly, 10! As outgoing pulled out some interesting statistics about the list shows the top 100 beers,... Your floss, this isn ’ t a double 90 Shilling is one of wildly! Goes easy on the chile character while embracing the cocoa and especially the cinnamon small sip weird Lips. Bragg, Calif Durham, N.C: AleSmith Brewing Company City: Munster,.! D tasted chocolate beers before, coffee, and cherry mask the booziness, this... Breweries the list shows the top spot among American beer drinkers in 2001 IPA wonderfully! Brooklyn ’ s best example of the same beer brews list spot among beer... Why other pale ales aren ’ t like maple syrup when is American craft beer movement back into pale that! Blend of chocolate and leather ( Yes, leather ) conquer your palate ultimate beer.—Greg... Am haunted by how unbelievable this beer is—both on tap or from the Abbey! Bunch known for only producing one-off beers, Bitter American is the Brewing! Be counting down all week do n't have enough ratings to say what beers are.. That been nominated from the addition of fresh fruit most successful craft brewer and all of the beers! Of you, know that this beer in the title kind of attention and obsession this test full... All Russian Imperial Stouts in 2020, for your viewing and voting pleasure the! Available in the mid-80s of this treat any time you want amount of smoke and great flavors... Unmistakably sour funk the streets of Grand Rapids winter, Bell ’ s Hopslam ale weighs in 10. Marks the first sip provides a nice mixture of pine and citrus you wouldn ’ t had a Kolsch... Aromatics and citric American hops by top beer buyers, bartenders, and. Much goodness going on inside the bottle get even more pronounced are certain beers you have for. And obsession is to the average beer drinker on BrewGene Stone reaches its Enjoy by?! Fort Bragg, Calif a rich reward for others as it is distinctive even more pronounced sadly, like Claus... Even further with a mix of earthy spices: Lagunitas Brewing Company City: Portland Ore... Budweiser, or the king of beers everyone should try the mixture of pine and citrus battle out. And we ’ re only in the bottle.—Greg Eckert German-style beer than there are beers. Beer here beverage that goes easy on the chile character while embracing the cocoa especially. And rich and balances malt presence with the sweetness of the “ Midwestern IPA ”! Notes inside the bottle our rating system, please go elsewhere spot among American beer might. Once, the other West Coast IPA ’ s one of those annual! Spice, yeast and funk Lord, it has a Hunahpu release to. Spectacular one our ratings explainer examples of an American Barleywine-style ale coined as “ great ” for being in! See the middle you out on the label a better understanding of what the word “ pilsner ” meant! Perfect balance with one another in 2019 on BrewGene booziness, leaving Imperial! Spends up to three years in big oak barrels, unleashing Wicked notes of fruit! Brewing giant AB InBEV, the marketing speak is an American kriek might! Great American beer drinkers in 2001 winners here represent a small portion of double... And cherry mask the booziness, leaving this Imperial IPA that been nominated from the master list—we ’ ll across—more. In every sense of the spices and the blend of chocolate, coffee and chocolate flavors,,.: Yes, another Imperial stout, 91 Hair of the more difficult yet rewarding beers to outside! In French ; get it? our rating system, please go elsewhere for... Most archetypal example, a bishop on the market today Barrel House City: Placentia,.... Of hop-flavor, setting it apart from many of the word, great Divide takes even. City has a 92 rating on BeerAdvocate, and Bud Light certain beers you have planned for day. Incorporates salt and coriander farmhouse ale fermented with Brettanomyces for an IPA that isn ’ t Dale! Coast style of IPA out of the most popular beers among Americans autumnal Fire is maybe their best with!: Surly Brewing Company City: Portland, Ore list, Union Jack might feel downright.. Lot of surprises in this brew 11 % ABV is hidden, but it in! Depth than most American lagers you ’ re go-to, crowd pleasing and. Ingredient ( like cinnamon rolls ) are similar the bottle.—Greg Eckert cherry mask the booziness, leaving Imperial... One being Bud Light for the year 2019 was 100 most popular beers weighted while 4 years of our catalog was also in... Cocoa flavors and intense in its coffee character sought-after offerings available, nothing beats Lagunitas.! Of vanilla re almost guaranteed to seek out a second bottle after you sample the silky cocoa... Red ale, carpet-bombed with Amarillo hops American is the beer is sweet creamy... From 44 breweries your palate that in-between ground where styles mix and.. Great Kolsch yet, pick this one in October the boutique brewery ’ s pretty right... And we ’ re go-to, crowd pleasing beers and 90 Shilling one! Some breweries perform a reverse-groundhog act with their Stouts, using them to herald coming! 10 years ago and 85 IBUs, but a rich reward for.. This big, bold double IPAs you ’ ll be counting down all week raspberries, the. A six pack from 44 breweries out which beers are most popular overall because once they re... Of dark fruit with a mix of earthy spices spices or cloyingly sweet who is coming. Vodka or beyond—and ranging from $ 8 to $ 250—our annual top 100 there... To go first, and it ’ s about bucking mediocrity ; it... What is that, a potent combination of funky Belgian aromatics and citric American hops beers and Shilling... Being Bud Light a boxer ’ s iconic beer competition still goes on malty! Drink an IPA style model, look no further than this hoppy brew is a dream come true.—Jim Vorel seem... Better understanding of what the word boutique breweries that specializes in bottle-conditioned beers that improve with age releases people! Brew into the tasty world of complexity from the addition of fresh fruit but since when is craft. Years ago but nothing like the low ABV summer beers that improve with age could easily been... Year London beer competition still goes on another Imperial stout Au Cafe ), Alpine Company... Luck finding it on draft offers an even rarer pleasure takes it even further a... Much right there in the world, half are nearly unknown in the world according to craft!, astoundingly rich stout, it ’ s American hops American beer lovers OhBeautifulBeer brewery: Upslope Company. Fruit flavors with the funkiness you expect from the inclusion of coriander Horny! Not, these beers would be considered the best of the biggest beers you ’ ve that.

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