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. Mog's mischievousness is reframed as forgetfulness. It is all about ‘Never Giving Up’. Geisel Honor-winning author/illustrator Salina Yoon's beloved character Penguin searches for his match in Penguin in Love--a charming picture book that's perfect for Valentine's Day.When Penguin finds a lost mitten on the ice one day, he wonders who it belongs to--after all, every mitten has a mate! is a children's picture book by Mem Fox and Judy Horacek. The Very Cranky Bear - Audio Story Sixty Seven. Where Is the Green Sheep? Mr Bump is a little clumsy. If you would like to contribute to my podcast, please click here: paypal.me/chrischarlton, Three Billy Goats Gruff - Audio Story One, The famous classic story. She rises to instant international stardom, but at an unexpected cost. All children will love The Smartest Giant in Town, a funny and big-hearted tale from the unparalleled picture-book partnership of Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler, creators of The Gruffalo. I'm A Dirty Dinosaur is a 2013 Children's picture book written by Janeen Brian and illustrated by Ann James. The story is a first introduction to Climate Change, although doesn’t mention it specifically. The Very Sleepy Bear - Audio Story One Hundred and Fifty Two. To achieve his dream, Dusty turns to naval aviator Skipper. Mr. It is about various coloured sheep doing various things, with the protagonist, the green sheep, not being seen until the final pages. However, poor Dusty has two strikes against him: He's not built for racing, and he's terribly afraid of heights. A Squash and a Squeeze is a picture book about an old lady who requires more room in her house. Each animal's designated seat rhymes with that animal's name, Walking with Dinosaurs - Audio Story Seventy, When Patchi and Juniper get separated from their herd during the great migration, they face many dangers. Five African animals think that they’re ugly, but some very important animals say otherwise. Little Crab and Very Big Crab live in a tiny rock pool near the sea. But when they each spend time in the other's opposite worlds, they learn a lot. The clever little ladybird is off on a trip to the seaside, but those two bad men, Hefty Hugh and Lanky Len, are also back and they're up to their wicked ways again. The lowercase letters climb a coconut tree in alphabetical order, until their weight causes the tree to bend so much, causing them to all fall out of the tree. Was it YOU?Join the grumpily adorable Bat as he searches for his missing cherries in this vibrant and hilarious picture book. Donate. Mr Impossible - Audio Story One Hundred and Fifty Four, Nothing is impossible to Mr. In this engineering challenge, students sue the Engineering Design Cycle to build their own bridges and then write a reflection paper. ... luckily, the crime-busting ladybird has another cunning plan to stop the thieves! The book concerns a girl called Sophie, her mother, and an anthropomorphised tiger who interrupts their afternoon tea. The poor duckling is teased by the other animals, but something wonderful happens to him over the spring. Each book contains five simple, often humorous, sometimes poignant, short stories chronicling the exploits of the anthropomorphic frog and his friend, a toad. This quirky story addresses the woes of a middle child, who is in need of a little attention. He then decides that it is a tickling sort of day and thus journeys around town tickling people – a teacher, a policeman, a greengrocer, a station guard, a doctor, a butcher and a postman. Illustrations complement the text, and readers will be able to feel the wintry weather around them. When hard times hit Swallow Falls, its townspeople can only afford to eat sardines. A child writes to the zoo for a pet. ", Little Miss Contrary - Audio Story Ninety One. A short rhyming children’s book for Christmas bedtime story read aloud. (Paw Patrol) - Season Two - Episode Five, Pup-Fu Power (Paw Patrol) - Season Two - Episode Four, Gold Rush Pups (Paw Patrol) - Season Two - Episode Three, High Flying Skye (Paw Patrol) - Season Two - Episode Two, Marshall to the Rescue (Paw Patrol) - Season Two - Episode One, Little Miss Bossy - Audio Story Fifty Seven. It features two main characters, Fox who speaks almost entirely in densely rhyming tongue-twisters and Knox who has a hard time following up Fox's tongue-twisters until the end. This story is mostly a character sketch of a mischievous cat called Mog. Mischief's pulling naughty pranks until he meets up with a wise old Wizard and gets a taste of his own medicine. The skeletons venture out one night to find someone to scare, but everyone is in bed so they amuse themselves by scaring each other and playing with the skeleton animals in the zoo. He doesn’t like parties or balloons, cards or candles. The Very Quiet Cricket - Audio Story Thirty Five. In a far away, long ago kingdom, Cinderella is living happily with her mother and father until her mother dies. If you would like to contribute to my podcast, … In the garden he builds a snowman and then, to keep it company, a snow dog. We’re Going on a Bear Hunt - Audio Story Forty Six, “We're going on a bear hunt”, by Michael Rosen is an award winning story (Winner of the Smarties Book Prize 1989), involving a family going on an adventure to find a bear but they have to face numerous obstacles to get there, and once they arrive at the cave they are scared by what they find. An unseen narrator asks different animals what they see; the animals respond that another animal is looking at them, repeating the process throughout the book. A small caterpillar emerges from an egg and begins eating everything in sight. Rumpelstiltskin - Audio Story Twenty Seven. During Hanukkah, it is a tradition for children to receive small presents for each night of the festival. In this enchanting fable of a forest and the myriad creatures that call it home, 8-year-old artist Gelyn Ong paints a lyrical portrait of nature in harmony. The famous movie told through an audio story. 10. First discovered asleep in the snow by the many gentle creatures who live deep in the forest, a very little boy with snow-white skin surprises his forest friends by waking up and working real magic! But there's no one to play with... until Sparkly, a little snowman, comes along They have the most magical time together, and promise to be best friends forever. Duck in the Truck - Audio Story Ninety Four. Luckily for Josephine, her new shoes are anything but ordinary - these are magic shoes - but can they help her escape the bear with a mountain, a bog and even a lake in her way? There is a lovely message within the story that children will enjoy. Not Now Bernard - Audio Story One Hundred and Sixteen. If you would like to contribute to my podcast, please click here: paypal.me/chrischarlton, The Smartest Giant in Town - Audio Story Twenty Three. If you would like to contribute to my podcast, please click here: paypal.me/chrischarlton, The Very Hungry Caterpillar - Audio Story Thirty Six. Children will like these stories. The Snowmen books are always about the adventures of some neighborhood snowmen. Moose, Lion, Zebra, and Sheep take shelter in a cave on a cold and rainy day, only to realize that a bear is there. ! All the animals do human activity and say the wrong sounds. Your contribution will help us to provide free books and literacy resources to children across the nation. He lives in a house with broken windows, paint that is peeling off, missing tiles from the roof, and a dirty garden. If you would like to contribute to my podcast, please click here: paypal.me/chrischarlton, Another classic story, please enjoy. During his first semester, he meets Sulley (John Goodman), a natural‑born Scarer. Search Results Tiddler tells his tales everyday but will anyone one believe he his fantastical story when he has a real adventure in the big wide sea. If you would like to contribute to my podcast, please click here: paypal.me/chrischarlton. This resource supports The Snowman. The boy asked the Lost and Found Office, some birds, and even his rubber duck, but no one knew where he belonged. Bold illustrations and funny stories make Mr Men and Little Miss the perfect story time experience for children aged two up. To make his dream a reality, he enrolls at Monsters University. Working as a team they finished the job!! He tries a flowerpot like a bird, a nest like a squirrel, and a lily pad like a frog, but nothing seems quite as good as his old, worn basket and his lovely smelly blanket. Everyone knows that chameleons are the best at fitting in. Which train can do it first? Featured snippet from the web Read 12 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. . But in the middle of all the frivolity something unexpected happens and the dogs have to make a hasty exit...with or without the correct bottom! Where the Wild Things Are - Audio Story Forty Eight, Young Max is naughty, engaging in such mischief as chasing after the dog with a fork. Horton Hears a Who! Frozen is an endearing fairy tale about two princesses, their dreams, desires, fears, self-discovery and above all, unconditional love for each other. TM ® & © 2020 Scholastic Inc. All Rights Reserved. Skye the Puffling - Audio Story One Hundred and Forty Eight. A young boy suddenly notices a big problem — his bum has a huge crack! With the help of her Hairy Godmother, Spinderella finds she can divide her brother and sisters into two equal teams and keep score! Sir Topham Hatt asked for an urgent package to be delivered quickly. Mr Snow - Audio Story One Hundred and Eighty. Based on Julia Donaldson's picture book, telling the story of a kind witch who invites a collection of animals to join her on her broom, though her cat thinks it will get too crowded. . Mustache Baby - Audio Story One Hundred and Twelve. The tiny hermit crab loves his new shell. Hello, Red Fox - Audio Story One Hundred and Twenty Four. After many years of being employed in corporate management with international publishers, she found herself in the highly desirable position of being able to follow her heart and establish her own business. Little Miss Twins - Audio Story One Hundred and Four. But wait! In the end, the narrator relents and eats the green eggs and ham and ends up loving the food. The Very Quiet Cricket is about a quiet cricket who dreams of rubbing his wings together so he can talk to other animals but he cant talk to them yet and he does not know why. A heart-warming and crack-up new story by best-selling children's entertainer Deano Yipadee, featuring kid-friendly knock-knock jokes. The day has arrived for the Dogs' Summer Ball. a Snowman for Little Bear Paperback – January 1, 2016 by Trace Moroney (Author, Illustrator) 4.5 out of 5 stars 3 ratings. 10 Dalmatian puppies are stolen by two evil men called Jasper and Horace. The Little Red Hen is the story of a hen who makes her home with a very lazy cat, dog, and mouse. I hope you enjoy it! ", Horton Hears a Who! But when Woody discovers that he's actually a valuable collectible from a once‑popular television show called "Woody's Roundup”. You’ve played the game...now read the book. As your bath water drains down the plughole, that slurping sound is the Bath Monster – dirty bath water is his SECOND favourite food. DescriptionThe Tale of Peter Rabbit is a children's book written and illustrated by Beatrix Potter that follows mischievous and disobedient young Peter Rabbit as he gets into, and is chased around, the garden of Mr. McGregor. The Gruffalo's Child by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler is the bestselling sequel to The Gruffalo. The others wake up and give chase, traversing a snow-covered field, crossing over a deep gorge, and climbing a treacherous hill, until they finally reach the rabbit's … This is a great book to read to children. When a young boy starts making a snowman on Christmas, it magically comes to life. The Everywhere Bear has a wonderful time with the children in Class One, but one day he gets more than he bargained for when he falls unnoticed from a backpack and embarks on his own big adventure! But as time passes, their worst fears are confirmed when little Billy’s mustache starts to curl up at the ends in a suspiciously villainous fashion. Little Miss Contrary lives in Muddleland where things are all mixed up! Visit Magic Beach, where adventure begins... Magic Beach is a long-standing favourite with children. But each time Princess Eliza changes - into a blue fish, a yellow chick, a red fox or a black cat - the wicked wizard finds her and sets her another horrible task. The Lion Inside - Audio Story One Hundred and Five. Capital letters (the older relatives of the letters climbing the tree) come to help them. That is why he is so strong. A challenge begins, with great feats of bravery, but when the two competitors find themselves in front of a very scary cave, they will have to find a way to be very brave together. Winnie, the Witch is getting ready for the Witches' Magic Show. A classic story from 18th Century Germany. Frog and Toad are the main characters in a series of easy-reader children's books, written and illustrated by Arnold Lobel. Night Monkey and Day Monkey don't think they have much in common. Pete is a rock along, sing along Cat... and with his Four Groovy Buttons it’s easy to keep singing! Barry the Fish with Fingers - Audio Story Forty. About Us Zog and the Flying Doctors - Audio Story One Hundred and Forty One. Night Monkey Day Monkey - Audio Story Ninety Six. One day she spots a real, live dodo, and the two become great friends. Meet Woody, Buzz and many other characters. Little Blue Truck - Audio Story One Hundred and Seventy One. Price New from Used from Paperback, January 1, 2016 "Please retry" $8.01 . Pete the Cat is back in another rock’n’roll story about staying positive no matter what life throws at you. The Missing Mitten Mystery - Audio Story One Hundred and Sixty Nine. Mr Mischief - Audio Story One Hundred and Thirty Eight. The story revolves around a child-like monkey who has lost her mother in the deep, thick, hot jungle. Spinderella the spider has a passion for football! The pretty ones—those with smooth wood and fine paint—always get stars. Mr Muddle is an endearing character who just can't seem to get anything right. A story where kindness and generosity overcomes greed and bad manners. But when Little Bear wants to build a snowman, she needs a little help from her friends. Big bubbles, small bubbles, square bubbles: the sea creatures have never seen anything so amazing – until Barry shows up! The Legend of Rock Paper Scissors reveals the epic tale behind everyone’s favourite playground game! Review: A 'snow queen' of sorts, Princess Elsa has the power to create snow. Join George and his animal friends. Can they get Santa flying again in time to save Christmas? The zoo send a series of unsuitable pets, hidden in crates and packing cases. She can't wait to show off her favourite spells with her magic wand. Little Miss Stubborn - Audio Story Forty One. Read by a student and published by Justin Knull. His knees buckle whenever he tries to twirl. Search Results Featured snippet from the web The Tiger Who Came to Tea. I have recorded ten Paw Patrol stories for your children to enjoy. is a children's book written and illustrated by Theodor Seuss Geisel under the pen name Dr. Seuss. But life in the rock pool proves tougher than Crab thinks, and soon he finds he needs his new housemates in this rollicking story of sea, shells and friendship. In this epic journey into the world of dinosaurs, an Apatosaurus named Arlo makes an unlikely human friend. They simply want to steal everybody's underpants! Ten in the Bed. While balancing in the bog, Bear is startled (but not frightened!) please sign up It's a cute story about a little bear playing in the snow and how each of her friends brings something special to build the perfect snowman just as they are needed. The story is great, the pictures delightful and the fact that it is an interactive book is a bonus. and "I don't like all this sneezing! And meet Mother Bear, who is there whenever Little Bear needs her. When the baby dinosaur hatches out, he's so out of place that his grisly big sisters call him Tyrannosaurus Drip. If you would like to contribute to my podcast, please click here: paypal.me/chrischarlton, A traditional fairy tale about true love between a princess and a frog. See more support materials for The Snowman. Poor Mr. Muddle muddles everything up, doing the opposite of what he intends. “ I have a new space helmet. After all, "news tra, This book was a Christmas gift for all of my daughter's preschool class from her teacher. Planes - Audio Story One Hundred and Seven. Thanks to Aurora's guardian fairies, she only falls into a deep sleep that can be ended with a kiss from her true love. Superb illustrations by Catalina Echeverri and faithful, Bible-centred story-telling by Alison Mitchell combine to make this a book that both parents and children will love. Will he finally find something that's just right for him? See all formats and editions Hide other formats and editions. The Biggest Snowman Ever by Steven Kroll. At the Jungle Dance, the warthogs waltz, the chimps cha-cha, and the lions tango. With the help of an old man and a few farmyard animals a rather unconventional solution is provided. Find out in this quirky tale of a tail, which features hilarious rhymes and delightful illustrations. DescriptionMeg and Mog is a series of children's books written by Helen Nicoll and illustrated by Jan Pieńkowski. But as the warmth of spring sets in, S Explore classroom activities, puzzles, teacher resources and enrichment pdfs for this book. Find out what happens to this famous wooden boy. Featured snippet from the web If you would like to contribute to my podcast, please click here: paypal.me/chrischarlton, A Birthday for Bear - Audio Story One Hundred and Eighty Six, Bear does not like birthdays. A snail longs to see the world and hitches a lift on a whale's tail. Birthday is very good at organizing birthday parties. Meet Little Bear, a friend to millions of children. A mouse feels small and insecure and determines that what he needs to do is learn how to roar like a lion. In this book, the author and illustrator Catherine Rayner celebrates the beauty of the world and the simple happiness it brings us when we open our eyes to it. She is forced to sing in the circus and kept in a fish tank but does meet some new friends along the way. The Three Little Men - Audio Story Thirty Eight. "Quack!" While travelling through a harsh and mysterious landscape, Arlo learns the power of confronting his fears and discovers what he is truly capable of. Others, though, who can do little or who have chipped paint, get ugly gray dots. The little mouse works as hard as the bigger mice to show readiness for the mission . The Highway Rat was a beast. ' When the father dies, Cinderella's wicked stepmother turns her into a virtual servant in her own house. Elmer - Audio Story One Hundred and Fifty Six. Little Miss Shy - Audio Story One Hundred and Forty Seven. Personal Narrative Graphic OrganizerA snowman for little bear - Kidz Read Aloud Stories Frosty the Snowman Book Read Aloud | Christmas Books for Kids | Children's Books Read Aloud Frozen Olaf-Read Aloud : An Amazing Snowman-By Barbara Jean Hicks | Story Time For Kids The Very Hungry Caterpillar - Animated Film Snowmen … Funnybones - Audio Story One Hundred and Twenty Nine. Every letter of the alphabet is included in this fun story. Another time, Beetle falls into a well and Superworm transforms himself into a fishing line in order to save him. Tickle's story begins with him in bed and making himself breakfast without getting up because of his "extraordinarily long arms". If you would like to contribute to my podcast, please click here: paypal.me/chrischarlton, Audio Story Two.

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